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At TPB we stay at the fore front of technology, marketing and music retail. Part of leading the pack is embracing new technologies and trends such as podcasting. For the latest product reviews on bass guitars, gear, as well as artist interviews with some of the leading bass players, tune in to The Perfect Bass podcast. Among other entertaining features, we will also bring you bass guitar specific educational/instructional material with entertaining pieces featuring some of TPB's more colorful characters. Subscribe or download now to see what you’re missing!

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Episode Index

Episode 1-Summer NAMM 2006 in Austin,TX

Introduction Length: 2:33

Episode 2-Summer NAMM 2006 in Austin,TX

TPB takes you inside the MTD booth with jazz great Norm Stockton. Length: 5:32

Episode 3-Summer NAMM 2006 in Austin,TX

TPB Takes you inside the Spector Bass and MTD Bass booths at NAMM with Dave Burnett and Quintin Barry, plus a test run with the Warwick 2006 Limited Edition "Dirty Blonde" bass. Length: 3:36

Episode 4-Mike Kroeger Interview-Part 1 of 3

TPB takes you backstage for an exclusive interview with Mike Kroeger, bass player of the band Nickelback. Our sales manager Brandt Bourque was able to sit down with Mike and discuss his Spector Signature bass, musical influences and much more. Length: 4:38

Episode 5-Mike Kroeger Interview-Part 2 of 3
Length: 4:50

Episode 6-Mike Kroeger Interview-Part 3 of 3
Length: 6:55

Episode 7-Eden 400S Product Presentation

Brandt travels to Illinois and sits down with Eden Electronics founder David Nordschow, a.k.a. David Eden. Watch and learn as they discuss this legendary limited edition amplifier. Length: 6:51

Episode 8-2007 Guitars and Cars

The Perfect Bass teams up with StangHi Performance to bring you Guitars and Cars, a first of its kind event showcasing The Perfect Bass showroom and killer hot rods. Length: 2:47

Episode 9- Artist Interview: P-Nut

National Sales Manager Brandt Bourque talks one-on-one with P-Nut, bass player for the band 311.
Length: 6:41

Episode 10- Artist Interview: Stu Cook- Part 1 of 2

National Sales Manager Brandt Bourque caught up with Stu Cook while on tour in Biloxi, Mississippi. Stu is an original member of Creedence Clearwater Rivival, and has his name in a little place up north called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A TPB Exclusive!
Length: 4:29

Episode 11- Artist Interview: Stu Cook- Part 2 of 2

Brandt and Stu wrap up this exclusive interview as they talk about the early days of Creedence and his new band, "Revisited".
Length: 5:13

Episode 12- MTD Kingston ZX- Product Review

Brandt Bourque and C.E.O. James Bethea discuss the features and spec's on this highly anticipated bass from Michael Tobias.
Length: 4:16

Episode 13- Roscoe Century Standard- Product Review

Brandt Bourque and C.E.O. James Bethea discuss the Roscoe Century Standard. Debuted at the 2008 Winter NAMM show, the Century Standard is raising the bar higher than ever on the all American made, affordable bass.
Length: 4:26

Episode 14- Summer NAMM 2008 Special- Nashville, Tennessee

Special NAMM preview from Nashville; EXCLUSIVE Interview with Sterling Ball, Owner/CEO of Music Man, new Epifani and more!
Length: 5:25

Episode 15- Hurricane Gustav

Geraldo who? Check out our own coverage of this massive storm as we regroup and rebuild in the heat and in the dark.
Length: 4:00

Episode 16- Music Man Bongo- Product Review

Brandt and James sit down and discuss the innovative Bongo Bass from Music Man.
Length: 5:33

Episode 17- Genz Benz Amp's and Cabinets- Product Review

Brandt and James talk about the numerous features in the Genz Benz line of quality products.
Length: 4:47

Episode 18- Music Man 25th Anniversary Bass- 5 String HH- Product Review

Resident Music Man expert Brandt Bourque gives you the rundown on this highly anticipated and innovative bass.
Length: 4:15

Episode 19- Music Man 25th Anniversary Bass- 4 String Single H and 5 String HSS- Product Review

A continued look at the 25th Anniversary bass and the two other versions available, the single H and
the HSS.
Length: 3:10

Episode 20- Sterling Line by Music Man - Product Review

Brandt shows off the new Sterling Line by Music Man. High quality imports based on American made designs and standards from one of the leaders in the bass idustry.
Length: 1:54

Episode 21- Music Man Pickup Technology - Product Review

Brandt gives a little insight into the noiseless and hum cancelation features of Music Man instruments.
Length: 2:16

Episode 22- P-Bass vs. Jazz Bass - Product Review

Special guest and Sr. Marketing Manager of Fender Bass Products Jay Piccirillo explains the history and differences between these two musical icons.
Length: 6:00

Episode 23-Artist Interview - Rek Mohr

Brandt sits down with HURT bassist Rek Mohr as he talks about the band, his influences and his love of Fender bass guitars.
Length: 6:56

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