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About Music Man: Around 1975, Sterling Ball (AKA: Big Poppa) began testing Leo Fender’s new StingRay bass. In 1984, Ernie Ball purchased Music Man’s trademark designs and produced the first Music Man StingRay basses. Since then, Music Man has become an icon of premium American-made basses & guitars! They build some of the finest bass guitars manufactured in the USA at a price that delivers unparalleled value.

The Perfect Bass is a founding member of the Music Man Premier Dealer Network which recognizes, on a global level, the finest Music Man dealers! Check out our entire Music Man bass inventory & learn more about each by selecting your model below!

Music Man Classic Series Basses
About Music Man Classic Series Basses: When introduced in 1976 by the original Music Man Company, the StingRay immediately became a universal favorite of bassists worldwide. The Classic StingRay brings all of the classic features back while adding new custom features including a highly figured maple neck, a chrome plated, hardened steel bridge plate with "Classic" stainless steel saddles & adjustable mute pads, and a single humbucking pickup with Alnico magnets.
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