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There are really 3 things that make TPB/TPG different from other guitar stores…

1.) BYSIBYG – The Bass You See Is the Bass You Get! When you buy a bass shown on our site, you are buying that exact bass, not one just like it! The photos are real and our pro staff takes pictures of every instrument in stock! We back that up by listing the serial number with the item, so you know it’s a unique instrument and not stock photos from the manufacturer. We also provide an exact weight of each instrument, and, if it’s a scratch and dent or B-stock, we give you pictures of the actual blemishes, so you know exactly what you’ll get when that guitar arrives! No guesswork required!

2.) Bass & Guitar Players Answer the Phone – Don’t believe me? Try it out by calling us toll free at 866.751.3220! Everyone outside of our administrative office plays bass, guitar, or BOTH! These guys know their stuff, and, if they don’t know the answer to your questions, they have the combined experience of our entire team to fall back on! We take this to the next level by having very high standards of conduct. Every member of our team is trained on core values that we hope makes you feel like our best customer, not just a customer number…

3.) Quality Control – The manufacturers whose products grace the pages of are chosen carefully. We spend a lot of time analyzing the value that our customers receive from the products you purchase from us before we choose to sell them. But to make sure that we’re delivering exactly what you expect, every guitar or bass you get from us is quality checked 3 separate times by 3 different people before it’s shipped: Once when it arrives, again when we take the detailed photos, and yet again before it is shipped out to you. We call these last 2 quality checkpoints “white glove” inspections, and they are performed under 3,000 watts of lighting to make sure that we catch anything that doesn’t meet our standards!

(Just a side note: One of our customers who now works in our shipping department once said, “Your B-Stock is better than their A-Stock!”. This quote speaks for itself about how serious we are about taking care of instruments that will provide their eventual owners many years of inspired music making!)
If that’s not enough, we also offer:

FREE SHIPPING on most orders $200 and over
Guaranteed competitive pricing
Up to 90 Day Layaway Plans
A 5 Day Guarantee
An Incredible Selection of Products

The bottom line is this… As bass players, we know that buying a bass is a very intimate process. We LOVE our guitars and we love making music! At TPB, we try to eliminate any fear of buying your next bass online. Don’t guess if that one is right for you! KNOW it!

Still have questions? Get in touch by calling us toll free at 866.751.3220 or Contact Us Here!

Let us be Your Lifetime Guitar Store!

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