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EMG MM5-CS Active 5-String Bass Pickup
EMG MM5-CS Active 5-String Bass Pickup
EMG MM5-CS Active 5-String Bass Pickup
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The MM5-CS is a direct replacement pickup for a Music Man 5-string bass. Music Man’s introduction of the large profile pickup changed bass playing forever. The dual-coil MM5-CS has wide spread bobbins (1 inch) combined with a large coil surface area that gives the EMG-MM5-CS a most amazing bass tone.

Utilizing EMG’s popular CS (Ceramic and Steel) Design the MM5-CS is a great mixture of design, with ceramic magnets for a transparent high end with steel added to increase the inductance for a powerful and warm low-end. It’s easy to get great clean tone, but it can also warm up for a great ballad.

If you are looking for a bass pickup with a thunderous low-end, this is it.

Package Includes:
  • EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cable
  • Prewired solid shaft volume/tone control set
  • Output jack
  • Battery clip set
  • Adjustment screws

Important Installation Notes:
  • We always recommend taking your bass to a professional for pickup installation. While most EMG pickups are an exact direct-replacement, some routing of the pickup cavities may be required for proper installation depending on your application.
  • Check your manufacturer's warranty before installing pickups. Installing aftermarket pickups may void your manufacturer's warranty.
  • Only one battery is required for the pickups, and any active accessories such as the BTC, BTS, BQC, VMC, B30, and B64 equalizers. Two batteries wired in series for 18 volts is recommended for bass to increase headroom and enhance performance.
  • Use an Alkaline or Lithium battery for longest life.
  • The controls included with EMG Systems are 25K Ohm, Audio Taper. This value of control is required for the system to work correctly.
  • When installing EMG Pickups, DO NOT reconnect the bridge ground wire. This wire is usually soldered to a volume or tone control casing and goes to the bridge. This wire grounds the strings and uses them and your body as a shield against hum and buzz. It also creates a shock hazard. EMG Pickups are shielded internally and DO NOT require string grounding. This greatly reduces the possibility of reverse polarity shock from microphones and other equipment.
  • EMG Active Pickups have very little magnetism compared to passive pickups. We recommend you adjust the pickups as close to the strings as possible. Sustain and string movement will not be inhibited by close adjustment.
  • If your installation is different from the diagrams in the included instructions or you need additional diagrams, visit EMG's website,, for a complete listing of available diagrams.
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